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National Park Worlds in Mittersill

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National Park Worlds in Mittersill
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The most modern national park center in the Alps can be found in Mittersill, in the heart of the Hohe Tauern Natio-nal Park Holi - day Region. At “National Park Worlds”, you can marvel at this vast, approximately 1800 km 2 Alpine region, home to the high - est peaks in Austria, gigantic glacial expanses and flora & fauna that have adapted perfectly to the climate at these high eleva - tions, all brought together under one roof. Roam through 10 fascinating natural settings, one after another. The panoramic eagle flight gives watchers the chance to soar high above impos - ing landscapes, valleys and summits. A 3-D cinema gives you a time-lapse impression of how the mountains were formed.

ATTENTION: Please note the current note for the entry!

Opening times:
Detailed opening times can be found on our Website

Normal prices:
Adults: € 13,00
Children: € 6,50

Nationalparkzentrum Hohe Tauern
Gerlosstrasse 18
5730 Mittersill

Tel.: 0043 (0)6562 40939
Fax: 0043 (0)6562 40939 20

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